201: Joan Baez - China

This episode we are talking about Tiananmen Square protests in 1989 and the damage it caused.

China by Joan Baez.


In the month of May, in the glory of the day Came the descendants of a hundred flowers And their fight it did begin with the aging Mandarin And they fought with an extraordinary power Everyone was smiling, their hearts were one In Tiananmen Square


In the month of June, in the darkness of the moon Went the descendants of a hundred flowers And time may never tell how many of them fell Like the petals of a rose in some satanic shower Everyone was weeping in all of China And Tiananmen Square


And even the moon on the fourth day of June Hid her face and did not see Black sun rising over Tiananmen Square


Hundred Flowers Campaign

Hu Yaobang

Tiananmen Square Protests

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